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Colca Canyon Tours

The second deepest canyon in the world: The Colca Canyon

Tours to Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon, with a depth of 3,191 meters (10,500 feet), is the second deepest canyon in the world. Erosion by the Colca River has created this truly deep and visually stunning canyon. The word Colca means warehouses, which harkens back to much earlier times when the local population stored their products. Trekking tours of amazing proportion take place in the canyon, as well as simple, relaxing excursions to spot the magnificent Andean condors that live there.

This is an amazing trek starting from Cabanaconde – Pampa San Miguel (3,280 meters – 10,760 feet) – and with a dramatic 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) downhill hike reaches San Juan de Chucchoto at 2,300 meters (7,545 feet) in less than three hours. Afternoon and overnight stay in Cosñirhua. The second day the Colca Canyon Trek is a visit to the Malata village and terminates at the Sangalle oasis for a relaxing afternoon. Overnight in cabins. At dawn begins your third and hardest part of the Colca Trek. From Sangalle a non-stop 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) hike to reach Cabanaconde. The hike is tough but rewarding and it offers dramatic views.

The Colca Canyon Tour offers travelers the opportunity to undertake one of the most spectacular soft excursion to the Colca Valley and Colca Canyon. On the first day, you leave Arequipa after breakfast on board our mini-bus. The first stop is the Salinas National Reserve and Aguada Blanca to watch vicuñas, alpacas and llamas. Next, you will have sufficient time to admire the Mirador de los Volcanes and a series of volcanoes over 5,000 meters high (16,404 feet): Misti, Chachani, Pichupichu, Hualcahualca, Sabancaya, Chucura, and the Cordillera of Chila. Arrival in Chivay and possibility to use the local hot springs in the afternoon. Overnight in Chivay. On second day, you will travel and view several Andean villages: Yanque, Maca, Pinchollo with a chance to take pictures or take a short stroll. The climax of the tour is the stop at the Cruz del Condor, where you will spot the mighty Andean Condor. This is a real spectacle! The trip continues with a stop in Chivay and on to Arequipa, where you will arrive in the late afternoon.

Welcome to the exquisite city of Arequipa. This is Perú InsideOut’s headquarters (!) and it would delight us to host you on our Flight of the Condor Tour. During your stay in the White City, as Arequipa is known, you will get to know its culinary delights, grow to appreciate the colonial architecture of the city, and discover many Andean traditions, as well as the main attraction: the Colca Canyon!

Day 2. Colca Canyon – Chivay – Cabanaconde

This tour showcases one of the greatest wildlife attractions Peru can offer: the Colca Canyon! The first thrilling moment is the sight of one of the rarest animals on earth: the vicuñas! After a few hours’ drive, you will arrive in Chivay for lunch. You then move on to Cabanconde, where the canyon reaches its deepest point. In the evening you will enjoy traditional food and a typical local dance show.

DAY 3. Cruz del Condor – Arequipa

The third day you will travel to Cruz del Condor to watch Andean condors flying on the rim of the Canyon: this is impressive! After one hour or so, the excursion will take you to Maca, Pinchollo and Yanque where you will visit the local church. Later you will have the opportunity to relax in the local hot springs in Chivay. Lunch will be served in Chivay and then travel to Arequipa.

The Peru Classic Tour helps you discover majestic Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the highest navigable lake in the world – Lake Titicaca – and the world-famous Nazca Lines. During the tour you will also experience the astonishingly beautiful Ballestas Islands and the Huacachina Oasis, as well as one of the deepest canyons in the world: the Colca Canyon! Traditional communities in the Andes, and the modernity of Peru (in Lima), will both surprise and delight you.

DAY 7. Tour of the Andes and Colca Canyon

Today the Peru Classic tour will reveal the Andes! Many visitors have dreamt of this moment and you will not be disappointed. The excursion begins in Arequipa and along the way you will see how impressive this mountain range is. Once in Chivay, you will enjoy a delicious buffet of Andean dishes. In the afternoon, optional walk to Coporaque or hot springs in Chivay. Overnight stay in a lodge in Chivay or Yanque.

DAY 8. Cruz del Condor – Puno and the Altiplano

After an early start and breakfast, travel towards Cruz del Condor to spot the Andean Condor. Seeing the condor flying above your heads on the edge of one of the deepest canyons on earth is fulfilling! On the way back to Chivay, visit Yanque and other smaller villages such as Maca, Achoma and Pinchollo. In the afternoon, trip across the Andes to reach Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

The Amazing Peru Tour will reveal for you the wonders and the beauty of this fascinating country. Stops along the way include the Museo Larco Herrera in Lima (housing ancient treasures of Peru), the wonderful yet baffling Nazca Lines, and the elegant colonial city of Arequipa. Many incredible Inca sites are also on the tour’s itinerary: Saqsayhuaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Huayna Picchu, and the grandfather of all South American sites, Machu Picchu Sanctuary. Your visit to Colca Canyon is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

DAY 9. Explore the Colca Canyon in the Andes

After breakfast, trip to the Colca Canyon in the Andes. The ride is enjoyable and you will make several stops to spot vicuñas, high volcanoes and incredible viewpoints. At your arrival in Chivay, you will taste the Andean cuisine: what a treat! Leisurely afternoon in Chivay where the local hot springs are inviting. Overnight stay in Chivay.

DAY 10. Cruz del Condor

After a two hours ride arrival at the Cruz del Condor. Here, with a bit of luck you will be able to watch the flight of the Andean condor on the edges of the Colca Canyon. This is an incredible experience! On the way back, brief stop in Yanque and a few viewpoints to take pictures of the Canyon and its valleys. After lunch in Chivay, travel across the Andes to Puno.

Peru Express distills the essence of Andean customs and the mysteries of Inca culture into one tour. Home to numerous nearby volcanoes, the refined colonial city of Arequipa will welcome you! Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca are highlights of the tour, which also includes a visit to the beautiful city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The Peru Express Tour ends on a long-awaited and dramatic note with a visit to Machu Picchu – to re-live the legend of the Incas and to discover one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!

DAY 3. The Andes and Colca Canyon

After breakfast, the excursion to the Colca Canyon begins. After a few stops to admire the valleys of the Canyon and its mighty volcanoes, arrival in Chivay where you will taste some delicious food. The afternoon is free to enjoy in the local Chivay hot springs or an optional hike in the pre-Inca Cemetery of Coporaque. Overnight stay in a lodge in Chivay.

DAY 4. Cruz del Condor – Puno and the Altiplano

Today you will see the enormous Andean condors flying overhead. Watching these big birds in their habitat is priceless and the Canyon at the Cruz del Condor is really deep! Once the show is over, travel you head back to Chivay for lunch. In the afternoon, you will take a dramatic ride across the Andes to reach the altiplano city of Puno where Lake Titicaca will greet you!

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