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Peru Uncovered Tour

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Peru Uncovered

Mysterious cloud forests and the lower Andes surround the old city of Kuelap; astounding archaeological heritage sites are dotted alongside the Pacific Coast where the Lord of Sipan reigned; Amazonian lowlands and winding rivers produce the cocoa used in the most refined chocolate in the world. Together they make up the unique formula of our unrivalled tour – Peru Uncovered!

In Northern Peru the Pacific Ocean, the Andes and the Amazon offer an exclusive mix of archaeology, natural wonder, authentic local communities and cultural diversity. After a bite to eat in Lima and a visit to the trendy neighbourhood of Barranco, you will travel to Trujillo to discover the UNESCO site of Chan Chan, built by the Chimú civilization, as well as Huaca de la Luna and the Lady of Cao, built by the Moche culture. Our Peru Unleashed continues towards Chiclayo to visit the most spectacular pre-Hispanic museum in South America, the Lord of Sipan! Here, you will enjoy Tucume, a site designed by the Lambayeque civilization with imposing clay pyramids, and the nearby Bosque of Pomac, the equatorial dry forest ecoregion. Chachapoyas and the cloud forests of the Andes are your next destination. The impressive Chachapoyas funerary sites of Karajia and Revash are the highlights of the majestic tour to Kuelap. Following the Chachapoyas experience, you will walk to the Gocta Falls, the 4th highest waterfall in the world. Revel in the unique scenery before relaxing and moving on to the San Martin region where lagoons, mountain forests, waterfalls, orchids, coffee and cacao plantations will welcome you.

Peru Uncovered promises a unique experience that will enrich you culturally and spiritually. Come and see what Peru has to offer aside from Machu Picchu!

Price (per person): USD$ 2.540

  • Available ALL YEAR LONG

DAY 1. Welcome to Lima

Arrival in Lima and transfer to a hotel in the bustling capital for an overnight stay. Take advantage of Lima’s high profile as the gastronomic capital of South America and visit one of the renowned Michelin restaurants such as Central (Virgilio Martinez), Gaston & Astrid (Gaston Acurio) and Maido (Mitsuharu Tsumura). You will not be disappointed.

DAY 2. Explore Barranco – Museo de Oro

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(B) (L) Start off with a visit to Lima’s colourful market and admire the sights and sounds of Barranco while strolling the busy streets. You can also visit the Museo de Oro to discover one of the most renowned pre-Hispanic collections and unique arm collection.  Savour an appetizing meal in the exciting Peruvian capital before heading to the airport for your flight to Trujillo, the ‘city of the eternal spring’. Trujillo is located on the banks of the Moche River. Spend a quiet evening in your hotel.

DAY 3. Huaca de la Luna – Chan Chan

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(B) (L) After breakfast, the day starts with a tour of two amazing pre-Colombian monuments. Visit Huaca del la Luna attributed to the Moche culture (from 200B.C.-850A.D) and soak up this important civilization that lived along the Peruvian Pacific coast. This spectacular site was built over a period of six centuries and each generation expanded on the funerary tombs completely covering the previous structure where the Ai-Apaec was worshipped. After this spectacular visit it will be time to see Chan Chan – the largest adobe city in the ancient world (now a UNESCO heritage site).
At its peak Chan Chan had an estimated 100,000 inhabitants. Delight in a delicious lunch in Huanchaco on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Take a walk to see los caballitos de totoras, the customary totora reed floating boats that have been used since the Mochicas period. End the day with a colonial city centre tour before retiring to your hotel in Trujillo for the evening.

DAY 4. Dama de Cao – Chiclayo

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(B) (L) Board a private transport to the El Brujo archaeological site to admire Huaca Cao Viejo. This historically meaningful site is positioned at the top of a hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Huaca Cao Viejo is famous for the polychrome reliefs, mural paintings and the mummified remains of the Lady of Cao. She symbolises the importance of women within the Moche civilization. Enjoy lunch in a little traditional village before being transferred to Chiclayo, the capital city of the Lambayeque region. Overnight stay in Chiclayo.

DAY 5. Piramides de Tucume – Bosque de Pomac

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(B) A spectacular day at the Santuario Historico Bosque de Pomac. Experience the special environment and dry savannah at its best including rare birds and native flora and fauna. Pomac was the centre of power during the 10th and 11th Century although the Lambayeque civilization abandoned this area due to a devastating El Niño. The Pyramids of Tucume are the highlight of the area. On the way back to Chiclayo, stop to tour the Sican National Museum. Overnight stay in Chiclayo.

DAY 6. Moche Culture – Señor de Sipan

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(B) An interesting day as you visit Huaca Rajada, a significant archaeological discovery. In total, more than 14 tombs have been identified here, including the Lord of Sipan. Head to the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan which houses many of the artefacts discovered in the burial chambers, such as the remains of the Lord of Sipan and his entourage. These finds rival the magnificence of Egyptian archaeological expeditions. At night, take our comfortable bus to Chachapoyas.

DAY 7. Chachapoyas – Kuelap

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(B) (L) It’s time to unwind and enjoy breakfast. A spectacular day planned in the Andean cloud forest ecosystem to explore this particularly pretty area of Northern Peru. Visit the archaeological ruins of Kuelap, approximately two and a half hours from Chachapoyas. Often compared to Machu Picchu, this walled city comprises more than four hundred buildings and includes a watch tower, a castle and a main temple. Kuelap was occupied until the 1500s and eventually rediscovered in 1843. Discuss the alluring setting over lunch, returning to Chachapoyas for an afternoon outing and overnight stay.

DAY 8. Chachapoyas – Karajia, Quiocta

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(B) (L) Karajia, an absorbing archaeological site in the Utcubamba Valley, is situated in the Luya Province. Have your camera ready! It’s a short thirty minute downhill hike where you can look in amazement at the enigmatic tombs and their impressive aspect. Travelers are rendered speechless and often struggle to understand how these tombs were placed on the cliff top. The strength and the splendour of the Chachapoyas civilization are unimaginable. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you have the opportunity to be bewildered by the stalagmites and limestone sculptures of the Quiocta Caverns. Complete your day with a stay in Chachapoyas.

DAY 9. Chachapoyas – Revash & Leymebamba

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(B) (L) Today you will venture south of Chachapoyas to the village of San Bartolo embarking on a one hour walk to the Revash Mausoleum that was used as a collective residence to bury the prestigious and powerful members of society. Break for a typical Peruvian lunch in Leymebamba and in the afternoon, visit one of most refined museums Peru can offer with over 200 mummies dating back to the pre-Hispanic era. Return to Chachapoyas and overnight stay.

DAY 10. Gocta Waterfall – Tarapoto

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(B) (L) After an early breakfast enjoy touring the Gocta Falls (almost 800 meters), one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world! Take in the natural scenery as you travel to Cocachimba and the small village of San Pablo. From here, in a lush, natural cloud forest setting, begin a 5-kilometer hike at your own pace. This particular route is enchanting, offering wondrous views of the Amazon rainforest, the orchid forests and the spectacular Andes. Later, you will leave the Andes to head towards the Tarapoto and San Martin region. Lunch will be served on the way. Stop to visit the scenic Pomacochas Lagoon (meaning Lake of the Pumas).Arrive in Tarapoto for your overnight stay.

DAY 11. Tarapoto – Orquidea Cacao, Tabacalera del Oriente, Community of Lamas

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(B) (L) Commence the day by visiting the international award winning Orquidea Chocolate Factory to learn about the transformation process of cocoa and Tabacalera del Oriente, the only pure cigar manufacturer in Peru. Dine on regional specialties such as tacacho con cecina, paiche a las hierbas and refreshing cocona at Patarascha! A busy afternoon as you head to Lamas where you will meet the Chanka community when visiting the museum and the Plaza de Armas. Your overnight stay will be in Tarapoto.

DAY 12. Tarapoto – Laguna Azul, Chazuta

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(B) (L) Take your time to appreciate the beauty of the area as you continue on the road to Laguna Azul. The sights of the tobacco-growing district of the Mayo River are particularly interesting, and you will have the chance to cross the Huallaga River by raft and marvel at the stunning views of the Blue Lagoon. Climb aboard a boat for a fascinating water excursion. Following your morning adventure, you will have lunch and continue to Chazuta to see the funerary urns, smell the melted chocolate and browse the work of the local ceramic craftsmen. Return to Tarapoto for your overnight stay.

DAY 13. Tarapoto – Lima

(B) – Time to return to Lima for your flight home. Thank you for choosing to travel with us.

Il tour include:

  • Duration 13 days
  • Daily departures
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 11 breakfasts (B)
  • 9 lunches (L)
  • 12 nights’ accommodation
  • Flights:
    • Lima-Trujillo
    • Tarapoto-Lima
  • Buses :
    • Chiclayo – Chachapoyas (night bus )
  • Private transfers in and out of airports and bus terminals
  • Tourist transportation during the excursions
  • All entrance tickets to sites listed in the programme (optional tours excluded)
  • Private services for all the excursions with English  speaking guide and private transportation
    • Lima: Lima local market, Barranco, Museo de Oro
    • Trujillo: Huaca de la Luna, Chan Chan, Huanchaco, Colonial City Tour
    • Chiclayo : Brujo Archeological (Huaca de Cao Viejo) , Bosque de Pomac, Pyramids of Tucume , Sican National Museum , Huaca Rajada , Lord of Sipan and Museum of  Royal Tombs of Sipan
  • Private services for all the excursions with Spanish  speaking guide and private transportation
    • Chachapoyas : Kuelap , Karajia, Quiocta Caverns , Revash Mausoleum, Lemeybamba Museum and Gocta Falls
    • Tarapoto :  Pomacochas  Lagoon ,  Orquidea Chocolate Factory ,  Laguna Azul,  Chazuta Community and Funerary  Ruin

Il pacchetto non include:

  • International airfares to and from Peru
  • Other meals not listed
  • Personal expenses including telephone bills, drinks, snacks, laundry expenses, etc.
  • Insurance against such incidences as theft and loss
  • Other non-specified extras

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