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Easter Island

Easter Island, now a UNESCO world heritage site, is part of Chile and one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world and also one of the most mysterious, due to its 800+ stone moai statues. No one knows exactly what these unique statues represent although many speculate they were created to honor ancestors or chiefs. Set against a backdrop of now extinct volcanoes, the setting is serene and picturesque drawing tourists in from all around the world. The natural landscape provides much to see and do including snorkeling, surfing, diving, horse riding, relaxing on the white sandy beaches or hiking. Slightly off the beaten track due to its location, this eco-tourism destination is a must see for those looking for a mix of the magical and mystical.

Price of the tour (per person) USD$: 740
Departure All Year Long

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DAY 1: Easter Island

You will board your flight from the busy city of Santiago de Chile to the enigmatic Easter Island. Transfer to your hotel where you will spend the next few nights.

DAY 2: Anakena Private Tour

Easter Island: Anakena Private Tour

Following breakfast you will visit Anakena with a private tour, the location of the first settlement on the island. You will have the opportunity to tour Vahiu to see an old temple and several broken moai statues destroyed in tribal conflicts. Next you head to Akahanga where you can see moai statues in different stages of construction over varying historical periods. Rano volcano is a worthwhile destination as you can see over 300 statues that were in the process of being built. Today you will also visit the largest moai transported on the island and a round stone referred to as the navel of the world. Visit Ahu and Ngau Ngau to see the restored maoi complete with their pukaos (or topknots), picnic at Rano Raraku and finish the tour on the clear beaches of Anakena. Settle into your hotel after a busy day.

DAY 3. Orongo

Easter Island: Orongo

After breakfast, you will commence a half day tour to Orongo and into the spectacular Orongo National Park. This is where the Tangata Manu or ‘birdmen cult’ originated and it is here you can see many birdmen petroglyphs. Your tour will take you to Rano Kau volcano where you will have the chance to see the most spectacular views on the island. Next up on the agenda is the Ana Kai Tangata caves (known as the cave of the cannibals) where paintings of birds were drawn, using natural earth pigments, as well as some hieroglyphics. After the tour, return to the hotel to spend a free afternoon and evening at your leisure.

DAY 4. Ahu Akivi

Easter Island: Ahu Akivi

After breakfast, your tour today will take you to the sacred site of Ahu Akivi to visit the only maoi statues facing the sea, the Ana Te Pahu caves originally created by molten lava and Puna Pau and the quarry where the red volcanic stone (scoria) used to carve the pukaos or headdresses was mined. Return to the hotel for your final relaxing evening.

DAY 5. Return to Santiago

Enjoy your last breakfast on the island. Transfer to the airport for your return flight back to Santiago de Chile.

The Tour Includes

  • Private transfers in and out of airports
  • Tourist transportation during the excursions
  • All entrance tickets listed in the programme
  • Private services (English speaking guide and transportation):
    • Anakena Private Tour
    • Orongo Private Tour
    • Ahu Akivi Private Tour
  • Breakfast

Single Supplement: USD$ 390

Not Included

  • Flights:
    • Santiago de Chile-Easter Island
    • Easter Island-Santiago de Chile
    • International airfares to and from Santiago de Chile
  • Entry to the Rapa Nui Park USD$ 65 per person
  • Other meals not listed
  • Personal expenses including telephone bills, laundry expenses, etc.
  • Insurance against theft and loss or other accidents
  • Other non-specified extras


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