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2013 – New Destinations

Perú InsideOut is a Peruvian company owned, operated and run by an European owner and European management, experts in organizing escorted tours in Southern Peru.

  • Laguna de Moron:  Located at Km.231 on the Panamericana Highway, in the middle of the desert of Ica, near the village of Bernales. The lagoon is little known and is surrounded by spectacular dunes; the shoreline is home to ducks, coots, cardinals, curious lizards and various insects. From the top of the dune, one can witness a beautiful sunset against the background of the Paracas Peninsula. To reach Laguna de Moron takes just under an hour of walking.
  • Archipelago of Wiñaymarca – Isla Anapia:  Located 128 km from Puno, and just 30 minutes by motor boat from the port of Punta Hermosa, the archipelago’s main island, Anapia, is located on Lago Menor Wiñaymarca or assembly of Lake Titicaca. The archipelago of Wiñaymarca is populated by people who have retained their native customs, fishing being one of their main activities. Ecological pockets have unique native flora throughout the region, as well as abundant wildlife and sandy beaches. Yuspique Island, the largest in the archipelago, is used by the community to raise vicuñas.
  • La Caleta de San José: Only 3 hours from the city of Arequipa, between the ports of Matarani and Quilca, the southern Peruvian coast contains exclusive beaches, which can be reached only by boat. Characterized by a volcanic beach and salmon-colored desert, there is an eco-lodge in this area of Peru, Caleta San Jose, which has won awards for three consecutive years for the most virgin and natural beach in Peru. Its scenic beauty and the variety of marine life in the surrounding waters is remarkable and is perfect for sports such as snorkeling, trekking, fishing and others.

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