Booking Travel to Peru

Booking Travel to Peru
Booking Travel to Peru
  • Booking Travel to Peru: Contracts & Reservations

    Contracts & Reservations

    Making a reservation with Perú InsideOut is easy and straightforward. Whenever you would like to book one of our Organized or Customized tours, please send us an email. In either case, we will send you a signed contract with details of your specific tour and the locations you would like to visit.
    To confirm your booking, you will need to make a Bank Transfer to our account:

    • List50% to confirm your reservation
    • List25% at least 30 days before the tour begins
    • List25% upon arrival in Peru
  • Booking Travel to Peru: VISA Payment

    VISA Payment

    To confirm your tour is it possible to use our Visa Payment system: Visa or Master Card Visa

  • Booking Travel to Peru: Our Refund Policy

    Our Refund Policy

    In case of cancellation:

    • List60 days or more before the tour begins, we will refund the full deposit – excluding bank charges for the transaction.
    • ListBetween 30 and 60 days before the tour begins, we retain 50% of the deposit.
    • ListBetween 30 and 15 days before the tour begins, we will retain 75% of your deposit plus bank transaction fees.
    • ListLess than 15 days before the tour begins, we retain the total amount of your deposit.
    • ListFor Inca Trail reservations, there is a warranty fee of USD $450.00. The fee is non-refundable and neither the date of the tour nor the name of the permit holder can be changed.
  • Booking Travel to Peru: Legal Terms and Conditions

    Legal Terms and Conditions

    We are an intermediary, a go-between traveler and the entities or people that provide the services mentioned in the itineraries, brochures or any other printed medium; they can be transport companies, hotels, restaurants, etc.: therefore we do not have any liability for accidents, deficiencies or changes in the service provided by the third party. However, we strive to hire quality tourist services. In relation to air tickets, we are not responsible for any deficiency or flight delay. The travel agency has the right to modify the itinerary or the confirmed hotels and other services, and offer an equivalent or a superior category when these changes affect the trip quality and passengers satisfaction; the same applied to hotel overbooking. Every customer must have all the necessary documents in order, according to the laws of the country that he/she will visit; it is the customer’s obligation to obtain the correct documentation. The luggage that the client carries is ay his own risk, unless the customer acquires an insurance policy that covers aspects such as loss, theft, deterioration or damage of his personal effects. We remind customers to purchase medical insurance for their trip as well as insurance against all risk.

  • Booking Travel to Peru: Change of Itinerary

    Change of Itinerary

    In the case of external factors influencing our itinerary, Perú InsideOut reserves the right to modify the itinerary, accommodations, and/or the mean of transport. This ensures a safe and more comfortable trip for our travellers.
    In the case of additional expenses incurred due to unforeseen, external factors, we will use our reasonable endeavours to minimize your discomfort but will not reimburse any extra expense. For this reason, travel insurance is mandatory for all our travellers.

  • Booking Travel to Peru: Peruvian Law

    Peruvian Law

    We ask that our clients respect all laws and customs, national and local, but we are not responsible for any infringement of the law one by one or more of our travellers.

  • Booking Travel to Peru: Insurance


    Travel insurance is mandatory for all travellers while on tour with Perú InsideOut. Customers are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate coverage for the full duration of the tour in respect of medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation, and curtailment.