Where to eat in Peru - Restaurants

Where to eat in Peru - Restaurants
Where to eat in Peru - Restaurants

Mango Restaurant

Address: Lima – Peru – Miraflores Av. Malecón de la reserva nro. 610 int. 402

Phone: 051-01-02428110

In addition to the classic buffets, the Mango’s menu offers a delightful array of Peruvian and world cuisine, seafood, innovative cocktails and delicious desserts.

Punto Azul Restaurant

Address: Lima – Peru- Av. Benavides 2711 – Miraflores

Phone: 051-01- 260 8943

Punto Azul’s menu has many dishes prepared with top quality ingredients, which, when combined, create the essence and the reputation of this cuisine, offering everything from seafood and ceviche to pasta and soups. Punto Azul is renowned for its great history of flavours that conquer the world.

Cala Restaurant

Address: Circuito de Playas, Barranco 15063 Lima – Peru

Phone: +051-01- 4772020 / +51 99 8247326

Located on the seafront in one of the main gastronomic capitals of the world, an innovative cuisine of traditional Peruvian flavours fused with the secrets of the Mediterranean. At Cala Restaurant, experience and creativity are combined with the latest culinary techniques, producing a wide variety of dishes and fresh sea specialties.

Panchita-Sazón Criolla Restaurant

Address: Calle 2 de Mayo 298, Miraflores, Lima-Peru

Phone: 051-01- 2425957

Opening hours: – Monday – Saturday: 12:00 – 0:00 – Sundays: 12:00 – 17:00

Creole food, from the past and in today’s style, a tribute to Lima’s tradition and culture. The best products, simmered or stir-fried, and traditional flavours. Panchita’s cuisine is tasty, spicy and generous; as a good jarana limeña.

Museo Larco Café-Restaurant

Address: Av. Bolívar 1515, Pueblo Libre, Lima 21 – Peru

Phone: 051-01- 462-4757 – 461-1312

Opening hours: – Monday to Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 22:00

The Museo Larco Café – Restaurant offers the best Peruvian and International cuisine. It has a varied and light home-made menu including hot and cold dishes, salads, sandwiches, pastries and desserts as well as cold and hot drinks, pisco sour, wine and beer. Their dishes are made with fresh ingredients sourced daily.

Restaurant La Huaca Pucllana

Address: General Borgoño cdra. 8, Huaca Pucllana – Miraflores

Phone: 01-445 4042

This restaurant offers a typical refined Peruvian cuisine, with a rich variety of products, fish, seafood, and a wide range of vegetables, in all colours, textures and flavours. The cuisine of the La Huaca Pucllana Restaurant stands out for its heartfelt respect for the ingredients and shows creative freedom, utter simplicity and dedication, resulting in enhanced flavours.

Restaurant Wayra

Address: Av. Paracas N°23 – Paracas-Ica

Phone: 056-532441

Opening hours: 06:00– 23:00

They offer fish and seafood prepared in different ways. The Corvina cebiche is the flagship dish, and also Corvina fish with quinoa in a shrimp sauce, Corvina stuffed with prawns in curry sauce, Corvina in a meuniere sauce with seafood. These dishes are normally accompanied by a white wine from the Tacama winery.

Restaurant El Porton

Address: Ignasio Morsesky 120 Nasca, Ica – Peru

Phone: +51 056-523490 / +51 956789810

Since 1996 El Portón is a tourist restaurant specialized in Creole food, meat, chicken, fish and pasta, offering a high quality cuisine. At El Portón you will make an imaginary journey embracing the most exquisite flavours and aromas of our regions and you will understand why Peruvian cuisine is one of the most exquisite and varied in the world.

Restaurant Via La Encantada

Address: Nasca, Bolognesi #282

Phone: +51-56524216

"Via la Encantada" is a top restaurant with the best professional service, years of experience and a leader in gastronomy in the city of Nasca. They offer starters and salads, a Vegan Menu, Piqueos sticks and many more dishes.

El Zingaro Restaurant

Address: San Francisco 309 – Arequipa Peru

Phone: +51-054-217662

Located in the heart of the city, in a restored Colonial House, where delicious traditional dishes of Arequipa are served, as well as innovative creations by the Zingaro chefs, and also offer an assorted wine cellar with more than 250 labels. Best selection of Argentinian and Chilean wines, as well as great variety of wines from Spain, Italy and France. They are also known for their SOURS, not only the famous Coca Sour, but also endless flavours such as Rocoto, eucalyptus, cedrón, passion fruit, good grass, and many more.


Address: Portal de San Agustín 149, altos, Terraza de la Plaza de Armas

Phone: +51-054 281219 – 999 999 730

Opening Hours: from 08:00 to 22:00

In this ancestral Arequipa restaurant, you can taste delightful original recipes, based on fine meats and vegetables, exquisite and heavenly dishes prepared with salt, aromatic herbs … and lots of love. All meat dishes are roasted on a volcanic rock, using skewers over hot embers.

Chicha Restaurant

Address: Santa Catalina 210 Cercado, Arequipa

Phone: +51-054 287360 / +51 95-8334778

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 12:00-23:00 – Sunday: 12:00-20:00

Chicha offers regional food: customs and culture of different places are enhanced using the best culinary technique and responsibly sourced local produce. It is in an established restaurant in the imposing Casona de Santa Catalina, just a few steps from the convent of the same name and the Plaza de Armas. Chicha recognizes and promotes the value of the gastronomic traditions in Arequipa.

Balcones De Puno Restaurant

Address: 354, Jr Libertad, Huanchaco

Phone: +51 051365300

The best food in Puno, the best dance and music show you can find in Balcones de Puno. It offers regional specialties of a varied cuisine in which they serve dishes made with beef, alpaca, chicken, and vegetarian food.

La Casona Restaurant

Address: Calle Lima # 423 (2do Piso)

Phone: +51-051-351108 / +51-951608671

Working hours: Todos los días de 12:00 – 09:30 PM

This Puno restaurant offers typical dishes promoting the best of Peruvian and world cuisine. It is an intimate and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Limo Restaurant

Address: Portal de Carnes 236, Piso 2, Plaza de Armas

Phone: +51 084 240668

The chili called “limo” is an essential ingredient for ceviche, the emblem of Peruvian cuisine. LIMO, Peruvian cuisine & pisco bar, a modern culinary experience with an emphasis on seafood: tiraditos and ceviches stand out; sushis bar, representing Japanese Peruvian food; the famous chaufa rice are some of the most emblematic dishes. It has a bar with the best mixology offering and the best piscos in the country, LIMO is a perfect place to taste an impressive cocktail made with exotic fruits of the Andes and the Amazon, with an atmosphere for the delight of the senses. LIMO is a must for food lovers, fans of Peruvian haute cuisine and an environment that combines tradition and contemporary design.

Restaurant Inka Grill

Address: Portal de Panes 115, Plaza de Armas

Phone: +51 084 262992

Inka Grill is the first restaurant of the Cusco Restaurants chain, situated in the majestic Main Square in Cusco since 1998. It was a pioneer of the gastronomic revolution in the city. They offer an international menu perfectly amalgamated with Peruvian flavours and adapted to all tastes, with an emphasis on comforting quinoa soup. The menu reinvents international dishes, from pastas, pizzas and sandwiches to vegetarian dishes and amazing desserts. With a high standards in culinary quality, Inka Grill opened more than fifteen years ago – a gastronomic experience not be missed.

Restaurant Kion

Address: Triunfo 370, Cusco

Phone: +51 (084) 431862

Kion is the latest restaurant in the Cusco Restaurant chain, trying to combine two cultures – Peruvian and Cantonese – to delight the most demanding palates with an explosion of flavours. It is located half a block from the Plaza de Armas. Please note that they only have two reservation schedules for dinner: 19h or 21h.

Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse Restaurant

Address: Calle Palacio 135, Cusco

Phone: 984 115 587

Opening hours: From 12:30hrs to 23:00hrs

Website: https://www.cuzcodining.com/uchu.html

500 years of wonderful Peruvian gastronomy with the most diverse mixture of flavours, enviable biodiversity, incredible aromas and innumerable techniques make the cuisine of this restaurant one of the most exquisite in the world. Uchu Restaurant Peruvian Steakhouse uses top quality products, with ancient recipes to create a balanced coexistence of contemporary avant-garde cuisine with traditional foods. Each restaurant has its own soul and a certain style of cuisine – Creole, contemporary, cacera or picantería.

Ayasqa Restaurant

Address: Portal de Harinas 191, Plaza de Armas de Cusco

Phone: +51-84596973

Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday (11:00 to 23:00)

AYASQA – this restaurant has two types of service. For lunch, it offers a menu with traditional Peruvian cuisine dishes, the best flavours from the past and home-made recipes, with traditional and creative presentations.
For dinner, it offers a buffet accompanied by a show, starting with an exhibition and explanation of traditional instruments and later music. The second part includes dances from the Peruvian sierra, with an amusing and memorable atmosphere appreciated by visitors.

Restaurant Ciccolina

Address: 2nd Floor, Triunfo 393, Cusco

Phone: (084) 239510

Opening hours: 08:00-11:00 /12:00-15:00 / 18:00-22:00

Located on the 2nd floor of a colonial house, Cicciolina has its own personality. The “Cicciolina” experience begins when you meet the aromas emanating from the open kitchens and the welcome given by the girls on arrival. Cicciolina pays special attention to detail, creating a cozy atmosphere with first class service and surprising flavours. In Ciccolina they respect the original flavours and carefully choose the freshest organic vegetables from the sacred valley.

Chullpi Machupicchu Restaurant

Address: 140, Av Imperio de los Incas, Aguas Calientes

Phone: + 051-984 022 706

In this restaurant only local produce is used for their special recipes, focusing on Peruvian high cuisine. This results in excellent dishes, textures and flavours that achieve very high standards. Undoubtedly, CHULLPI Machupicchu is the # 1 option in this destination when it comes to gastronomy.

Restaurant Ayasqa Machupicchu

Address: Avenida Hermanos Ayar 401, Aguas Calientes

Phone: +51-984 022 706

A restaurant focussed on Peruvian traditional and quality food. It has an unbeatable location – close to the Tierra Viva and the Sumaq hotels, impeccable views on the cloud forest and the Urubamba River. It offers a buffet lunch service and dinner with set menu and an à la carte menu.

Incontri Del Pueblo Viejo Restaurant

Address: Av. Pachacutec S/N, Aguas Calientes

Phone: (084) 211072

Incontri offers Italo-Peruvian food fusing the best Italian ingredients and the Peruvian sacred valley produce. Their staff is very attentive and helpful. The pizza is truly Neapolitan using only mozzarella cheese. Incontri offers high quality dishes.