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Responsible Travel in Peru

Responsible Travel in Peru
Responsible Travel in Peru

As a local Peruvian tourism company, we are committed to travelling in a manner that respects local cultures, local communities, and their traditions.

We understand that our activity has an impact on the environment. In this regard, we attempt to minimise our environmental impact on the cities and/or communities we visit. We operate without disrupting the way local economies function.

How we do that?

  • In selecting our partners, we tend to choose local operators whenever possible. The goal is to ensure that members of the local community benefit from our activities. For example, in Amantani (Lake Titicaca) instead of contracting with a local agency, we seek to work directly with local community members who live on the island, even if this results in a slightly higher cost.
  • We use local public transport whenever possible, as well as local guides.
  • We personally monitor our travellers with respect to local customs, and we help you implement best practices to minimise our environmental impact.