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Tour to Peru Blog
  • Colca Canyon Tour Video

    Dear Travellers
    We are pleased to introduce our Colca Canyon video:

    Colca Canyon Tour Video

    The video showcases the wonders that Arequipa and the Colca Canyon have to offer travellers venturing into Southern Peru. Because of its white buildings made of ashlar (sillar), Arequipa is nicknamed “The White City”. Arequipa is the second most important city in Peru and due to its unique architecture was proclaimed World Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2000. The video also shows the two day excursion we offer to the Colca Valley and the Colca Canyon. During the tour to the Colca Canyon, you will be able to admire the slopes of the Colca Canyon with the typical Andean agricultural system. The tour reaches the climax at the Condor Cross where you will be mesmerized by the flight of the Andean Condor. Moreover, the tour is an opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of the local people prominent in the embroideries that characterize their clothes. Live an unforgettable experience in the Peruvian Andean Mountains.
  • Cotahuasi Canyon – The Deepest Canyon in the World

    With a depth of 3 535 meters, the Cotahuasi Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world. The Cotahuasi Canyon is part of a Natural Reserve which includes volcanoes over the 6,093 meters high and is located 400 km from Arequipa in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. In this region there are archeological sites like the “andenes” (agricultural terraces) and the ancient Inca Road, the “Qhapaq Ñan”.

    The Sipia waterfall is at the bottom of the canyon with a fall of 150 meters. The 15 minutes’ walk to reach the Sipia Waterfall will enable you to discover a unique natural environment.

    When visiting the Cotahuasi Canyon, don’t miss Cotahuasi Pueblo, a typical Andean village, with narrow streets made of stones and houses with rustic balconies typical of the Spanish Colonial times. The main colonial church in the village is worth of visit; and we also suggest a visit to the Santa Ana bell tower. Nearby, Alca is an interesting town where you can enjoy the relaxing Luicho thermal baths.
  • Machu Picchu Tour Video

    Dear Perú InsideOut Travelers

    We are pleased to introduce our new video to Machu Picchu.

    Machu Picchu Tour Video

    This new tour to Peru is an unforgettable experience with which you will discover the secrets of The Lost City of the Incas at the end of a wonderful visit to Southern Peru.

    The Machu Picchu Group Tour has been conceived for a group experience during which you will visit Peru’s classic destinations with a private transportation service from Lima to Cusco and a Perú InsideOut Tour Leader. The trip begins with the Lima City Tour. Lima is today one of the most popular hubs in South America because of its museums and delicious cuisine. Enjoy a boat ride to The Ballestas Islands to appreciate the variety of sea animals. Visit The Nazca Lines to see the largest drawing on earth in the Peruvian desert. Experience Arequipa and its monuments made of white stone which are the gateway to the Peruvian Andes. Next you will discover the magical land of the Condor, The Colca Canyon and the Andean traditions. You will also visit Lake Titicaca and their ethnic communities: Uros and Taquile. Follow the Road of the Sun and discover the Inca’s heritage in Cusco. You will appreciate archaeological sites like Koricancha, Sacsayhuaman, the spiritual Sacred Valley, the Ollantaytambo fortress and the Pisaq market. The tour ends with a visit to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu. The Inca citadel will be an experience that will remain in your heart forever.
  • The Colca Valley and the Indigenous Communities

    In the heart of the Southern Peruvian Andes you will discover a place where nature and people live together in harmony and where old traditions make the Colca Valley a unique place.

    To reach the Colca Canyon the departure from Arequipa will take place in the morning. The first stop will be the Aguada Blanca National Reserve where South American camelids like vicunas, alpacas and llamas live alongside one another. On the way you will see one of the highest points in the Andes: the Chila range with its high peaks and perpetual snow. Volcanoes such as Hualca Hualca, Sabancaya or Ampato will also welcome you. Here an old belief says that if you build a little house called “Apacheta” you will be very lucky in life.

    The little square in Chivay is the starting point for exploring the Colca Valley. An early morning wake-up call will ensure that you can enjoy the magical flight of the Condor , the ancient deity of the Andes. The tour will continue with a visit to ancient communities that still work using old agricultural techniques and old fashioned methods on the slopes of the Colca Canyon.

    Maca is a traditional small town in the Colca Valley, a settlement with a Christian church built in 1759. Parallel to the main square, you will see the farming terraces in use since Pre-Inca times. A very peaceful place where you will love taking pictures.

    Achoma has a church dating back to the XVI century, entirely built in ashlar (sillar). Every year, on 6th January, local people celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Bethlehem and the population comes together from all over the valley to dance the colorful wititi.

    Yanque is the final destination before heading back to Arequipa. The Baroque church, named after the Immaculate Conception, has a facade embellished with numerous saints and a representation of the Andean world. This church is considered the most beautiful Colonial Church throughout the Valley. The district of Yanque treasures the legacy of the forefathers "The Collahuas"; customs, traditions, architecture, archaeological remains like the ruins of Uyo-Uyo, as well as the museums, nature and the thermal water pools that are a visitors’ delight.

    If you want to understand the Andean world you must visit the area and you will be captivated by the atmosphere of the Colca Valley.