Perú InsideOut Extends Tours to Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador

Perú InsideOut Extends Tours to Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador
Perú InsideOut Extends Tours to Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador

AREQUIPA, PERU, 4 September 2015 – Over the last five years Perú InsideOut has been fine tuning their expertise and knowledge in the south of Peru, offering quality customised tours to clients wishing to learn more about this fascinating South American country. Last year Perú InsideOut has expanded their offering with a range of trips to popular destinations in Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.

The latest tours on offer by Perú InsideOut include the Highlights of Bolivia Tour; the Peru Bolivia Andean Tour; the Lima, La Paz, Cusco Tour; the Bolivia Classic Tour; The Easter Island Tour; the Highlights of Peru, Chile and Bolivia Tour; and the aptly named Magic Ecuador Tour.

“Offering this extensive new range of tours was a natural progression for PeruInsideOut. An ever increasing number of our clients wish to extend their Peruvian tours into the neighbouring countries of Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, and we are happy to oblige,” says owner Roberto D’Amico.

Roberto and the team at Perú InsideOut spent many months doing their homework, researching the destinations, scouting reputable tour guides and finding quality accommodation and interesting sights to round off the new set of tours.

“Of course all these changes didn’t happen overnight,” says Roberto. “And although the work that goes into each tour may be lengthy, it is never dull. We love travel and researching each trip: it rarely feels like work. Now that we have added them to our range, it feels like they have always been part of us,”. Clients wishing to visit destinations like La Paz, Uyuni, Santiago, Atacama Desert, Cuenca and Quito need only to browse the Per InsideOut website to view the new range.

“Travellers and adventurers will not be disappointed as we take them to a mix of destinations both on the tourist trails and off the beaten track,” adds Roberto.

Perú InsideOut can offer clients one of their readily prepared tours or create a customized tour based on interests and budget.

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