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Coroico - Informations

Coroico - Informations
Coroico - Informations


Coroico - Informations

Coroico is located 90 km from LaPaz, on a hill top in the Yungas region.

Coroico is characterized by subtropical vegetation, waterfalls, rushing streams, rivers (ideal for bathing), and numerous medicinal coca and coffee plantations.

Coroico village is quiet and is often chosen by travelers as a place to rest and enjoy mountain walks and the lush greenery of the Yungas.

Coroico’s economy was based on gold mining at one point in time; this is why Coroico was founded above the Korihuayco River, which means “golden valley” in Aymara.

Coroico became the capital of the Yungas region in 1899, making Coroico the political centre.

The city is well known for its fruits, and medicinal coca production, as well as organic coffee.

Coroico is the perfect place to relax in an exceedingly fresh-air environment, observe unique species of birds and butterflies, and sample wonderful coffee.

There are two roads connecting Coroico and La Paz: the more relaxed, new route—from which you can reach La Paz by car—and the infamous “Road of Death,” geared more to cyclists searching for an adrenaline rush.