Peru Northern beaches - Informations

Peru Northern beaches - Informations
Peru Northern beaches - Informations

A true paradise for Sea Lovers, the Northern coast of Peru is bathed by the Pacific Ocean and boasts magnificent warm beaches that attract thousands of visitors in search of relaxation and scenic beauty.
The combination of sand, sea, friendly people and extraordinary cuisine made with fresh seafood make Peru Northern Beaches a stunning destination for any visitor all year long.

Mancora – Vichayito

Located between the city of Piura and Tumbes, Mancora enjoys tropical beaches and is a renowned destination for scuba diving and surfing. But Mancora’s real pearl is Vichaito located a few kilometres away from the village of Mancora. Vichaito is characterized by exclusive beaches for visitors who seek tranquillity and a special vacation in some of the best hotels and resorts in Northern Peru.


In the region of Tumbes near the Ecuador border, Peru showcases many fascinating beaches, warm waters and relaxing hotels and resorts.

Punta Sal

Punta Sal Beach is sited 79 kilometres south of Tumbes. This beach can be defined as an exclusive vacation spot with great tourist facilities and top class hotels. Punta Sal offers the best and unsurpassed coastal restaurants, a gentle surf and crystal clear sea and white sand. Undoubtedly, it is a paradise that cannot be missed.


Zorritos Beach is located just 30 minutes away from the city of Tumbes. Zorritos offers unique scenic beauty, modern amenities and is a great location for a relaxing vacation. The waves on Zorritos allow different sports such as surfing, fishing, among others.