Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut

Share Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut

Perú InsideOut a tour operator born in Peru in Arequipa from the idea of Roberto D'Amico, who strongly wanted a tourist company focused on the soul of Peru. On this page you will find the comments and reviews of those who had Perú InsideOut as a Tour Operator. We invite you to share Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut.

Tour Operator Peru: Rozelle Ian Alison John

Rozelle Ian Alison John


We had the pleasure of having our holiday booked with Peru Inside Out and embarked on the Amazing Peru tour.
we found that Roberto was extremely helpful from our very first enquiry from over here in Australia right thro to the end of the tour. His company provided us with a service second to none. From start to finish we had nothing but positive interactions and incredible service. We cannot speak more highly of the amazing job that Roberto and his team did for us.
Thankyou Peru Inside Out for making our holiday a wonderful memorable experience in your amazing beautiful country. We have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
We really did have a fantastic time Roberto, thank you so very much.
all the best

Rozelle Marquand and Ian Worsley
Brisbane, Australia

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Leanne, Alex, Dawn and Bill

Leanne, Alex, Dawn and Bill


Hello Roberto,
Perú InsideOut was recommended to us by a friend and I’m glad she did! It was a great way to plan a trip to Peru. We picked out the sights we wanted to see and Roberto provided us with a full intinerary, taking care of all the bookings including hotels, transportation and personal guides. We weren’t disappointed with anything. Everything went smoothly and this helped create a very memorable trip.
We will definitely pass on your name to our friends who are fortunate enough to make a trip to this lovely country.

Leanne and Alex, Dawn and Bill

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Katrin and Valerie

Katrin and Valerie


Hello Roberto,
this is Katrin and Valerie. We just wanted to write you a mail to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Peru. It were awesome five days, the tours were very informative, the guides where were very nice and happy to answer all our questions and the hotels very really nice (especially the one in Machu Picchu Pueblo). All together we felt really well taken care of and we will definitely recommend you to friends and family.
Unfortunately in the big rush back to Chile we forgot to leave tips behind. Please do not take this as a sign of us being not satisfied with your service. We simply forgot it and are very sorry for that.
I hope the driver of the last pickup told you that we left your phone back in the hotel in Cuzco for you to get it back there. Was that ok?
Have a nice rest of the week and take care.

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Tosca e Piero

Tosca e Piero


A vacation in Peru was the dream of our lives, 24 days spent there was a different planning from usual.
We were lucky to have Roberto do it all for us.
Normally we plan ourselves at the last minute but this is one of the best decisions we took : put everything in his capable hands.
We often request changes and different itineraries but Roberto was always ready to help.
Along the way we really felt accompanied and supports every minute !
From when we met the first driver at the airport, received the phone he provided for us and we were connected with him.
All details were taken care of and any last minute change was accomplished by Roberto.
Such a vast and diverse country requests a careful planning which Roberto did very well.
We could go center south and north covering some of the best and most attractive sights like Machu Picchu and others less known but equally impressed like Dama De Cao.Hauca del Sol
Where we visited one of the best museums ever.
Very good guides were always arranged, some in Italian some in Spanish, all the time prepared and available.
During such a long vacation we encounter some complications due to unforeseen circumstances and again Roberto was on top of things and solved for the best.
We thoroughly recommend you trust him and put yourselves in his hands.
We had a memorable and unforgettable vacation thanks to Roberto and all of Peru.

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Patricia & Jacob

Patricia & Jacob


Hi Roberto! Just wanted to tell you again how nice it was to meet you! Jacob & I had such a fun time in Peru, everything went perfectly & it was a completely unforgettable trip. Your attention to detail was really appreciated & made everything so relaxed for us.

Thank you again for helping us, we really had the best time!!!

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Nubia Catherine, Fernando, Caterine, Hernan

Nubia Catherine, Fernando, Caterine, Hernan


Roberto and his team of guides were simply amazing! Upon our arrival (very late in the night), a guide welcomed us and took us to our hotel. We were able to be in constant communication with Roberto throughout the trip and he answered every question we had. From city to city, a guide would welcome us and take care of us. It was a wonderful trip and the Peru Inside Out team made it the more enjoyable. Before even leaving Canada, all of our hotels, treks, trips, planes, trains and tours were confirmed and booked. They truly put our minds at ease and made our vacation worry-free. We would all recommend them to anyone traveling to Peru.
Catherine (

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Eva, Mihai, Dan, Asher, Almir, Ihab

Eva, Mihai, Dan, Asher, Almir, Ihab

We used “Peru Inside Out” Travel Agency for our trip from Lima to Cuzco and through the Sacred Valley of the Incas including Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu was the highlight of our vacation and will probably remain as one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever made) and many other locations. The travel agent/ contact person Robert D’Amico put together a trip for us that surpassed all of our expectations. Our tour included all transportation and hotel reservations, plus professional tour guides. We had personal guided tours in Cusco, Machu Picchu, as well in the rest of the places we visited. The tour guides were helpful, professional and knowledgeable and made all efforts to accommodate our last-minute requests. We compared many other tours, and we felt we could not have had a better experience. I would highly recommend “Peru Inside Out” if you want to travel to Peru!
Once again, many thanks Roberto!
Mihai ( & Co.

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Sarah & Vincent

Sarah & Vincent


Sarah and I had a great time on our trip to Peru, and we wanted to thank you again for your excellent help in putting the trip together. There are so many moving parts to a trip like this, but everything went off without a hitch. Plus, because we had scheduled so many private tours, our guides were very flexible and accommodating of Sarah’s pregnancy! We’ll definitely recommend Peru Inside Out to anyone we know heading down to Peru!

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Pierre, Muriel, Frederique, Bruno

Pierre, Muriel, Frederique, Bruno


Nous sommes 4 amis de longue date et nous rêvions depuis longtemps de ce voyage au Pérou. Grâce à Roberto et l’équipe de PeruInsideOut, tout a été à la hauteur de nos attentes. De notre arrivée à Lima, avec ensuite les Iles Ballestas, Nazca, Arequipa (où Roberto nous a gentiment rejoint pour un délicieux déjeuner chez Arturo), le Canyon de Colca où nous avons eu la chance d’admirer le vol des condors, seuls, dans un silence absolu et au coucher du soleil! Le lac Titicaca avec les Iles Uros et Taquile, Cusco où nous avons passé de superbes moments avec Janet notre guide, la Vallée Sacrée et enfin le summum du voyage : le Machu Pichu! Nous avons passé 2 semaines à découvrir les multiples facettes de ce pays si riche tant au niveau des paysages que de la culture! Tout le voyage a répondu à nos souhaits: l’hôtellerie, les transports, les lieux visités, les guides…Roberto et son équipe sont toujours disponibles et à l’écoute. Ils proposent des circuits sur mesure, répondant parfaitement à vos attentes. Grâce à cette organisation, nous avons pu profiter vraiment de ce merveilleux pays sans avoir de contraintes. Nous sommes des voyageurs exigeants et nous avons été très satisfaits, prêts à repartir vers de nouvelles découvertes avec PeruInsideOut! Merci à Roberto et à toute son équipe!

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Marian & Gerard

Marian & Gerard


We recently travelled through Peru. Normally we do not use this kind of tour companies but we organize everything our self. Due to our tight travel schedule we have this time made use of the services of Roberto. We were very impressed with the way he helped us. Peru Inside Out is not just a travel agent. In addition to the perfect organization, Roberto also goes very far in its service delivery. Throughout the trip we were always met by guides and all tickets, hotels and pickups were arranged perfectly. In addition, we received throughout the trip a mobile phone that allows direct contact with Roberto just in case when it was necessary. But we never needed it. We were very impressed with the way he has guided us during our trip in Peru. We definitely recommend everybody to use the services of Peru Inside Out if you like to have a nice and pleasant stay in Peru. Roberto, thanks a lot! Hope to meet you again.

Gerard & Marian, Netherlands.

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Sharon, Jessi & Richard Dennis

Sharon, Jessi & Richard Dennis


Thank you so much for not only taking care of me and my family, but for proving me right when I recommended you to friends. I will absolutely be using Peru Inside Out again.

Sharon Dennis, USA.

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Tour Operator Peru: Joyce and Patrick Meyer

Joyce and Patrick Meyer


A friend of ours living in Lima recommended Roberto D’Amico of Peru Inside Out to arrange our tour of Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu and we are very happy that she did. We have lived and travelled in other parts of the world but had never been to South America. Our trip in January 2014 was our first introduction. Roberto arranged our stay in Peru based on our budget for time and money. It was all perfect. We were met at the airport by a driver from Perú InsideOut. The driver gave us a personal cell phone to use to connect to Roberto on a daily basis if required. It was nice to know that we could always contact Roberto. It definitely came in handy on a couple of occasions. Roberto also contacted us to make sure that everything was going well. We definitely felt taken care of The itinerary that Roberto set for us was exactly what we wanted and it fit our budget perfectly. The tours gave us an insight to the history and culture of Peru. The guides were very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure everyone had a chance to hear and visit. The trip surpassed our expectations and gave us the desire to visit more of Peru and other countries in South America. We very strongly recommend Roberto and PERU INSIDE OUT. You will have personal service, care, and attention from beginning to end.

Joyce and Patrick Meyer

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Tour Operator Peru: Mary and Dean Michailides

Mary and Dean Michailides


From the onset of our trip to Peru and the two weeks we spent in this beautiful and vibrant country we were treated, as family, by Roberto from Perú InsideOut! From the moment we landed in Lima until the moment we left back to Canada from Cusco our trip was filled with many destinations, sights, events and culture. When we were first picked up by a driver from Perú InsideOut we were given a personal cell phone to use to connect to Roberto on a daily basis if required. This gesture in itself was a testament to the level of detail and organization, which Roberto aspired to and provided.
The accommodations, transportation, food on the tours and the sightseeing experiences were vast and exceptional. Roberto listened to our needs and desires and was able to create an itinerary, which was tailored to our budget, activity level and desire to see and experience the culture of Peru. In the end, Roberto and his team surpassed our expectations of personal service and as we are avid travellers we will continue to use Perú InsideOut as our travel agency for South America.
Since our return to Canada we have recommended Perú InsideOut to our family, friends and co-workers…even during our stay in Peru, as we met fellow travellers, we provided them with Roberto’s contact information as they inquired about our trip.
We feel very blessed to have met Roberto through the many Skype calls as we planned our trip and were also fortunate enough to have met him personally as he provided a guided tour of Arequipa where he resides.

Mary and Dean Michailides
Edmonton Canada - - Facebook:

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Andrew


Roberto D'Amico of Peru Inside Out arranged our family tour of Peru . Having travelled quite extensively in other parts of the world we were looking for something out of the ordinary, combining the great cultural sites of Peru with some wildlife and wilderness experiences. Roberto provided this in spades, with some great local guides, good advice on where to go and how long to spend at each place and he was very prepared to work with us, and make changes to suit our particular preferences.
We visited Arequippa, Colca Canyon, Titicaca, Cusco and the Sacred Valley and then spent a week in the remote Manu National Park and on Alto Madre de Dios River. There were many highlights in many places, but the mix of experiences and accommodations, all in great locations, chosen for us by Peru Inside Out made a huge difference to our trip. If you're looking for personal service and great care and attention, I can strongly recommend Peru Inside Out.

Andrew Becket

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Tour Operator Peru: Lisa et Stef

Lisa et Stef


Salut Roberto!
Un grand merci pour le voyage que tu nous a organisé!
Le tour correspondait exactement à ce qu'on cherchait, avec une bonne balance entre nature et culture. On a commencé par les îles du lac Titicaca, et sur l'île Taquile on a mangé des frites meilleures qu'en Belgique! Le trajet en bus touristique de Puno a Cuzco nous a beaucoup plu. Les treks du Salkantay et du Colca, l'un au milieu des glaciers et l'autre dans un canyon jusqu'à une oasis, nous on donné un bon aperçu de la variété des paysages péruviens. Nous avons bien transpiré pour faire les 1500 marches à 5h du mat pour arriver au Machu Picchu à l'aube, mais ça valait vraiment le coup. La beauté de Arequipa nous a fait comprendre pourquoi tu t'y es installé :) Merci pour les bons contacts que tu nous a donné pour notre suite du voyage en Bolivie, le désert du sel et de Dalì étaient aussi magnifiques! On espère pouvoir un jour retourner au Perou pour découvrir également le nord du pays, qui semble être également si beau...

Lisa et Stef

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Tour Operator Peru: Mauro & Gulaim

Mauro & Gulaim

Italy & Kazakhstan

Thanks Roberto for the perfect organization based on our short vacation period. Thanks to Perù InsideOut for the assistance since the very first moment of arrival till departure. Tour guides were well organized and skilled, giving and answering to all requests. Thanks to them we have discovered all beauties of this amazing country.Words cannot describe all amazing landscapes and Inca constructions you will see during the trip from Cuzco to Machupicchu.The way to Puno was as well a great experience we had, especially spending a full day in a family house on Amantani Island on Titicaca Lake. Everything has been well organized, always assisted, however we enjoyed our hours of freedom.

Your testimonial with the tour operator - Reviews PeruInsideOut
Tour Operator Peru: Geert & Rita Spincemaille

Geert & Rita Spincemaille


Dear Roberto
Amazing how you can book a perfect trip through part of Peru by only clicking on a website, which by the way, gives an excellent overview of the region and was found quickly on internet: Peru Inside Out!
We were able to make a tour specifically adapted to our wishes with private guides and excellent hotels.
The whole area around Cusco could be explored and at any time Roberto was a backup to look after the guests to see if there were any problems or non-fulfilled wishes.
The excellent tour with indeed a strict respected schedule and an expert guide gave us a marvelous idea of the historic background of the Inca people.
All three of us thank you for the perfect organization and care you have taken of us not only during the tour but also in bringing back our lost luggage at Lima.
I wish you all success with the exploration of South America as I have seen some more tours in the neighboring countries which are options for the next years.

Geert & Rita Spincemaille

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Tour Operator Peru: Yuen Yee Lo

Yuen Yee Lo

Hong Kong

Peru is a wonderful country. It really is! In the short time I had at my disposal, I visited the Colca Canyon (the second deepest canyon in the world) and the spectacular Tambopata National Park in Puerto Maldonado. Both excursions were organized by Perú InsideOut and they were brilliant.
I had previously been to the Grand Canyon a few times and now I can see that the Colca Canyon is much deeper and its landscape is truly amazing. On the way to the Canyon, I saw few volcanoes and for the first time ever alpaca and llama. The view is very peaceful and we had sufficient time to enjoy it. We had traditional food for lunch and enjoyed an outdoor hot-spring with impressive mountains view in the afternoon. The Colca Canyon is very impressive and deep!
In the Puerto Maldonado Amazon rainforest, I had a fantastic adventure tour in the jungle. As a city person, I had never seen such a big bee, ants, spiders and many little wildlife animals. People who worked in the lodge were very kind and friendly and our guide had a very good knowledge of all kinds of insects and animals. We also had a day tour to the Sandoval Lake. During three days, I saw so many wildlife animals, insects, birds, colourful butterflies, ants living inside trees, wild pigs, and white face monkey that I felt like I was in a "National Geographic" program. We even swam in the wonderful Sandoval Lake under the big blue sky in the afternoon.
Many thanks to Roberto and Perú InsideOut for their help and professional attitude. I will come back to visit more destinations in Peru.

Yuen Yee Lo

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Tour Operator Peru: Jemile


United Kingdom

I had a wonderful time in Peru thanks to Perú InsideOut. Everything was organised very professionally starting from my private pick-up from the airport in Lima until the end of my trip in Cusco. I started my trip with a visit to the Ballestas Islands and the natural reserve in Paracas, I then flew over the Nazca lines and went to the Chaucilla cemetery in Nazca. This was followed by a visit to the city of Arequipa from where I moved on to the magnificent Colca Canyon for 3 days which was absolutely amazing! I then left Arequipa and headed to Cusco by bus. As it was the rainy season, there had been a landslide and the bus was stranded on the road two hours driving distance from Arequipa. I phoned Perú InsideOut and they came all the way looking for me, I was very grateful! My whole experience in Peru was fantastic and I would definitely recommend everyone to discover this country with Perú InsideOut.

Jemile Guller

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Tour Operator Peru: The Vered Family

The Vered Family


We had travelled in Peru in September 2012 and had a lovely and interesting experience .
The whole trip was organized by Roberto D'Amico - Perú InsideOut and was done perfectly. We were taken care of from the minute we arrived in the airport until leaving back to Europe.
The guides and the tours were always very professional and gave us an insight to the history and culture of Peru that we were not aware of.
We have to emphasize that the most appreciated person we had all through was our tour guide in and around Cusco and in the trek as well.
Alfredo was perfect in everything his knowledge of the history and the nature and the culture , his sense of responsibility especially in the trek (taking care that we feel well in the altitude and having all the right equipment if any problem would come up) and his social features with which he managed to have great relationship with all of our family members. (and that for sure was not a simple task!)
Also the quality of the hotels contributed to our overall experience.
Thank you very much for making our trip memorable.
We highly recommend your company for anyone that needs to organize tours, treks and guides in Peru and we would like to wish you a lot of success in this business.
With Best Regards


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Tour Operator Peru: Hana, Gabriela, Jitka, Jana, Krisztina

Hana, Gabriela, Jitka, Jana, Krisztina

Czech Republic

During the last 20 years I have visited lots of places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Antarctica using travel agencies, at times preparing trips by myself or booking some services using local agencies.
In 2011, I visited Kerala in India booking only accommodation and transports via a local agency and I was very satisfied.
This year, I decided to choose a similar way of traveling having found the Perú InsideOut website.
Between 27 October and 10 November 2012, with five of my girlfriends,I spent two wonderful weeks in Peru. After Lima, we visited the Balestas Islands, Ica, Nazca with the thrilling overflight of the Nazca Lines, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, Puno, Lake Titicaca and the Amantani, Taquile and Uros islands, Chivay, Colca Canyon, Arequipa and much more ...
We were able to visit so many places in such a short time thanks to Roberto D'Amico.
Following our wishes, Roberto booked excellent accommodation near city centres or bus stops,he made super choices in terms of transport using comfortable cars, buses, trains, and also flight tickets over Nazca, entry to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, hot springs in Chivay, a number of churches and monuments, local attractions and much more.
During our journey, we met with many representatives of local agencies enquiring about our needs, giving us documents for buses, planes, trains, accommodation, advising us on where to eat, drink, and answering many questions ... Roberto called us on many occasions showing great care for our wellbeing.
I have never had such a great service!
Many thanks, Roberto!

Hana, Gabriela, Jitka, Jana, Krisztina

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Tour Operator Peru: Anja and Peter

Anja and Peter


Thanks to PeruInside Out. The engagement of the personal helped to make our stay in Peru unforgettable. We will definitely come back to see the rest of the country with them!

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Tour Operator Peru: Karolina



We contacted Peru Inside Out during our stay in Peru in May this year and were very satisfied with their services. Professional attitude, perfect planning and organization customized to our individual needs, everything went smoothly. Trekking in Colca Canyon was an amazing experience and the landscapes of the Paracas Peninsula were a real discovery for me. I can definitely recommend Peru Inside Out!

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Perú InsideOut, helped us with a part of our trip, provided amazing organisation with every single detail being taken care of. Excellent!